Dec 05

WIN! Hueys Choice Surf Wax

Do you want wax with that?

And if the last two prizes weren’t enough, thanks to the best surf wax in the land, Hueys Choice, we’re giving away 24 blocks of the sticky stuff and a Hueys Choice cap to the person who sends in the best wipeout photo. It can be of either yourself or a mate (always funnier when it’s not you).

Make sure we are authorised to use the photo because it will more than likely feature in the next edition of Smorgasboarder.
With so much bad news about the world of late there is nothing that brings a smile to your dial like a hilarious wipeout photo. The one featured here is of our good mate Pat Quirk, aka “Helmet”, and it never ceases to amuse, even though this is the third time it’s made an appearance in our mag over the last 10 or so years.

To enter, simply send your wipeout photo to

Things you need to know…

We’ll pick a winner on Monday, 31 January 2022, so make sure to flick us an email.

Open to Smorgasboarder readers worldwide. 24 block wax and cap prize pack can be one or a mix of Hueys different wax types – cold, cool, warm or tropical. And we will even post

the wax pack to you at their expense! This is most certainly a game of skill, it takes a lot to wipeout with style.