Nov 11


Here’s what we’re loving of late – the portable tank range from WaterPORT.

All are available in Australia through


It’s basically a pressurised portable hose you can store in your car to wash down all your gear and even shower under. The GoSpout features 7.5 litres of water that you can pressurize in just a few pumps with the built in Pump Cap (or from a garden hose if you add the optional fill valve)! Throw this handy container in the trunk or carry it down to the beach.


7.5 litres capacity for several minutes of spray time

Pump cap to pressurize the tank anywhere, anytime

Food grade plastic for potable water

5 pattern high pressure spray nozzle

Built-in Nozzle Holder

Available in 2 options:

Black Tank

Black Tank with fill valve for self-pressurisation from a garden hose

RRP $235

$255 with self-pressurising fill valve


If you wish to step things up a little the Day Tank™ takes the hassle out of manually pressurising water by conveniently absorbing the water pressure from your house. Simply plug your garden hose into the tank’s quick connect and your Day Tank will automatically pressurize as it fills.

The Day Tank has 4 available mounting options: hitch mount, bar mount, platform mount, and bed rail mount.


14.5 litre tank

High pressure spray nozzle

8′ coiled hose

Fill valve

RRP $385


And if you wish to go the whole hog you can go the big daddy of these tanks, the Weekender. Featuring a 3O litre tank the Weekender is ideal for on-the-go showers, cleaning and rinsing equipment, basically any time you need pressurized water.

The Weekender comes with mounts for your roof rack and will work with platform or cross bar style racks (with additional hardware).


Weekender 30L water tank

16 coiled hose

High pressure spray nozzle

Fill valve

Mounting plates