Apr 14

Maldives – Perfect Wave

If you’re looking for a surf trip just about anywhere in the world, a visit to the website of www.perfectwavetravel.com should be high on the research list.

Hit Surf Trips: All Surf Trips and 49 destinations are listed across Indonesia, Maldives, Asia, Pacific, The Americas and Africa and Europe.

As a global specialist travel agency, surf resort operator and surf charter operator, Perfect Wave Travel have catered for hundreds of thousands of travellers, including a few of the world’s top surfers.

In the Maldives, Perfect Travel Group GM Chris Buykx said the group’s luxury charter boat of choice, Carpe Vita, was also a favourite with surfing’s elite, having played host to Barton Lynch, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox and Layne Beachley.

Asked for his thoughts on the Maldives and 2022, Chris said the region was hot with surfers.

“Maldives is our top destination world-wide,” he said.

“It was our biggest destination pre pandemic – however Maldives has remained open when Indo and the Pacific closed – so Maldives is the top of the list for every surfer in 2022.

“Only the better resorts and boat charters are fully open.

“Availability can be tight – if you see something you like and it’s available just book it. It’s not going to get any cheaper.”

For Chris, who, no surprise, is a keen surfer himself, his favourite waves in the world are found in the Pacific, with the Maldives not far behind.

“I love the adventure and uncrowded waves of PNG,” he said.

“Favourite breaks are many, but I am excited about returning to Maldives’ Southern Atolls this year to surf Love Charms! Solid outer reef barrels more like Fiji than Maldives!”

As a travel agency, Perfect Wave Travel books people onto both boats and resorts and Chris said often the recommendation came down to who was travelling and whether surfing was the sole focus.

The group’s favourite resort, Holiday Inn Kandooma, offers an exclusive wave out front, and Chris said it was also perfect for families and non-surfing partners.

In terms of value, and time on the waves, he said the boats won out.

“Boats are great value. Your accommodation, transport and meals are all included,” Chris said.

“All our surfers agree that you always surf more when you’re on a boat charter compared to a land-based resort.”

When we put Chris on the spot about the ultimate luxury surf trip, he suggests you’d struggle to go past a charter on the boat Sea Rex.

A click on the weblink and it’s not too hard to see why. The 130ft, luxury super yacht can accommodate up to 16 people with two luxury suites, six luxury cabins and packages offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, visits to deserted islands, snorkelling, and even a sundeck with a large outdoor spa. See for yourself at https://www.perfectwavetravel.com/surf-trips/maldives/sea-rex/

Chris said surf travel had changed over recent times, and Perfect Wave Travel, which celebrates its 15th birthday this year, had evolved with it to continue to offer surfers the best trips available.

“Surf travel has changed over the last couple of years and surfers must adapt,” he said.

“There are fewer options. Much of the Pacific is yet to open to travel, so surfers must look to what is available.

“Flights are also fewer and more expensive – so surf travel is for those that really know what they want and are prepared to invest time and money to make it happen.

“A good agent is required to advise and navigate the new normal of surf travel.”

When it comes to size and experience, Perfect Wave Travel would fall into that category.

“Perfect Wave Travel has grown and evolved continuously so we are the biggest specialist surf travel network in the world now,” Chris said.

“The last few years have been tough, but we remained open, with surfers still able to travel to the Maldives.

“The best thing is we have kept our team together, from the Maldivian Surf Guides and operations team through to our surf travel gurus here in Australia, Indo and in Europe.

“The experience behind our trips is unmatched – we really have the best working with us to deliver trips of a lifetime to surfers.”

“Perfect Wave Travel has grown and evolved continuously so we are the biggest specialist surf travel network in the world now,” – Chris Said.