Jul 07

Hard Yakka


As an Aussie Icon, Hard Yakka has always been a brand synonymous with quality, toughness and durability – but does anyone know how incredibly stylish their workwear has become? 

Stroll onto any worksite and you’ll be hard pressed not to find most people wearing gear featuring that iconic red ‘Hard Yakka’ label. 

There’s a reason why Hard Yakka has stuck around for so long as one of the most recognised workwear brands in the country, and it’s simply because their clothing is just so bloody durable. 

Even better, after taking a closer look at their winter collection and their recent collaboration with the beachy lifestyle brand, Thrills Co, we noticed just how cool their stuff really is. 

While it’s one thing to make quality, tough-as-nails gear feel comfortable, it’s another thing altogether for a workwear brand to create clothing so stylish that you find yourself shopping for gear despite the fact that you’re not visiting a worksite anytime soon. 

Both their men’s and women’s collections are chockers with everything from hooded flannels and boots to camo joggers and sherpa jackets — each designed with harsh conditions and Australia’s hectic climate in mind. 

Who would have thought some of the most tough and reliable clothing in Australia suited everything from long workdays to weekend surfing trips? 

The evolution of Hard Yakka’s gear and storytelling has been noticeable over the past couple of years, but honestly, the brand’s ethos has always been rooted in the passion and work ethic of everyday Aussies since it was founded all the way back in the 1930’s. 

It was David K. Laidlaw who started the brand off as a humble clothing company in his parent’s house in Brunswick Victoria and had high hopes for its success. 

After consulting with Jim Cushen, an independent advertising agent, he named the company Yakka, a word derived from the Aboriginal word for work. It’s a word that David obviously took to heart, as hard work has echoed through every aspect of the brand’s legacy ever since. 

Lately, Hard Yakka has garnered a lot of attention for their ‘Meet The Legends’ collaborations, where they feature everyday heroes that embody the spirit of the brand. 

Most recently they teamed up with fast bowling legend and Australian international cricketer, Scott Boland, who discusses his passion for cricket and his efforts to make the sport more popular and accessible within Aboriginal communities. 

Before that, they also caught up with photographer, surfer and zookeeper at Australia Zoo, Robert Irwin. As someone who has been wearing Hard Yakka’s workwear since he was little, Robert and his family’s longstanding history with the brand resonated with a lot of people, as well as his passion for animal conservation. 

They’re great stories, and encompass everything awesome about the craftsmanship and inspirational journeys associated with the brand and the kind of exceptional humans that Hard Yakka gets behind every day. 

We seriously recommend checking out their cool gear. I mean who doesn’t find themselves battling the toughest conditions and want to feel comfortable, protected and, of course, look bloody good while doing so?