Feb 14

EP12. Fight for the Bight – Peter Owen of the Wilderness Society talks oil and water

In the Great Australian Bight, permission has been granted for seismic testing for oil, prior to offshore drilling – all in one of our most pristine marine environments.  

Smorgasboarder South Australian correspondent Jimmy Ellis talks with Peter Owen from the Wilderness Society – who also happens to be a Victor Harbour resident and concerned South Australian.

What’s he concerned about? The pure lunacy of oil in the Bight. If something was to go wrong, the scale of disaster would make Deep Water Horizon look like a drop in the ocean.

People who want to stand against this, should look to join a local paddle out in SA, Victoria on March 3rd and possibly organise one in their local area if they are in different regions.

For more information and a full feature article, see the current edition (#44) of Smorgasboarder magazine the smorgasboarder library.

Sign the petition to save the Great Australian Bight from exploitation by the big oil mining companies lining up for risky, deep-sea drilling at fightforthebight.wilderness.org.au


More information on the Fight for the Bight.