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Mallacoota residents' fight to save the pristine surf break at Bastion Point has been long and hard, and the people involved with Save Bastion Point Campaign Alliance are still at it, with Surfrider on board to help.

Photo above by Vanessa Janss

Back in November 2011, we printed a story about the plight of Mallacoota residents, who had long been fighting against the proposed construction of a 130m wide, 3m high breakwall at this pristine surf break in East Gippsland, Victoria. Today, as the fight by continues, we were sent this great video clip by Stuart Dawson of Stem Media that beautifully highlights the importance of the issue.

The campaign is still alive and well with Surfrider supporting the incredible work of the Save Bastion Point Campaign Alliance. 

The latest is that in January this year, the Victorian Environment Minister gave the go ahead for the Option 3b proposal to be built and the developer, East Gippsland Shire Council, has put the construction plans out for tender.

Subsequently, Bastion Point is now Surfrider’s most Endangered Wave and they urgently need your support to help stop this tragedy from happening. Sign an e-postcard today on the Surfrider website to add your voice.

Bastion Point by Dale Winward Bastion Point by Dale Winward

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