Rabid T-Shirts + Subscription


Wear it and read it all at the one go.  Just to be clear this is a shirt for all occasions – do not let anyone tell you differently.   But there is only limited stock. Once they have sold they won’t be back.


    Thanks for getting the Rabid T-shirt Subscription bundle.  You can now access the discounts below on some of our most popular items.  Just click on any item you want below.  

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Rabid T-shirt Limited Edition  + 1 year Subscription

We love this T-shirt and when you can pack it together with a 4 edition subscription – why wouldn’t you? It is a shirt to wear to all functions. fullstop. 

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Rabid mens t shirt + subscription


S, M, L, XL, XXL

Edition to start

ed 44 with calendar, ed 45


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